Flagship killer killer?

By Jogai on Thursday 30 July 2015 21:15 - Comments (6)
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(had to use a title like this...)
The oneplus two launch was a bit disappointing to me. The marketing team had done a great job
(almost) creating a hype with #NeverSettle. I was under the impression the two was meant to be a Flagship killer but it turned out that it was an upgrade to the one. While its still a nice offering for a phone with a SOC like this I wanted to compare it to some other options.

Its possible I am the wrong person to say this because my smartphone is from 2011 (thats why I need a new one) and have no experience judging smartphones.
That said, I picked the following phones as competitors:
The Moto X Pure, because it has the modern features everyone expected from the oneplus two; like 1440p screen, expandable memory, faster charging, NFC, 4G and a modern fast SOC.
The Nubia Z9 Max and LeTV One Pro, because they are in the antutu top 10, build around the same SOC, and since coming from china expected to be in the same price range.

OnePlus 2Moto X PureNubia Z9 MaxLe 1 Pro
Snapdragon 810
4x 1.8 GHz A57
4x 1.5 GHz A53
Snapdragon 808
2x 1.8 GHz A57
4x 1.44 GHz A53
Snapdragon 810
4x 2.0 GHz A57
4x 1.5 GHz A53
Snapdragon 810
4x 2.0 GHz A57
4x 1.5 GHz A53
5.5” 1080pIPS5.7” 1440pIPS5.5” 1080pIPS5.5” 1440pIPS
~73%~76%~71%~76% (display area)
13MP Omnivision
21MP Sony
IMX 230
16MP Sony
IMX234 Exmor RS
13MP Sony
IMX234 Exmor RS
5MP OV56485MP8MP IMR179 Exmor R4MP
Android 5.1/OxygenOS StockNubia 2.8LeUI
USB-C (USB 2.0)USB 2.0USB 2.0 (+OTG/HOST)USB-C (USB 3.0)
Fingerprint sensorNo FP sensor
Dual-standby nanosimNano-simDual-standby nanosimDual-standby micro/nano-sim
- Micro SD up to 128GBMicro SD up to 128GB -
- Turbo Charging - -
Invite needed :( No eu 4GNo eu 4G
Non-Removable Battery
16GB/3GB: €339
ROM&RAM different!
64GB/4GB: €399
16GB/3GB: €499,99
32GB/3GB: €550
64GB/3GB: €599
16GB/2GB: €309
Only RAM different!
16GB/3GB: €311
No 16GB offering
32GB/4GB: €425
64GB/4GB: €462

The Nubia Z9 Max is currently very cheap and does really well in benchmarks. That makes it for me the killer phone. Since coming from a fairly old phone I dont think I'll miss out on the features like 4G, 1440p. Only problem could be the battery if I want to use this one for 4 years again...


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By Tweakers user Kiswum, Thursday 30 July 2015 21:30

If you are using T-Mobile, than you are able to use 4G on more and more Chinese phones, like the Letv Le Max or Xiaomi Mi Note Pro (overpriced)

By Tweakers user Jogai, Thursday 30 July 2015 21:51

Kiswum wrote on Thursday 30 July 2015 @ 21:30:
If you are using T-Mobile, than you are able to use 4G on more and more Chinese phones, like the Letv Le Max or Xiaomi Mi Note Pro (overpriced)
YsWDesign says that 4G is working in bigger cities in his review: productreview: ZTE Nubia Z9 max Zwart review door YsWDesign
But since not every frequency is available it wont be as fast as a brand that's made for the EU market I think. You'll still profit from the lower pings though, which is nice.

By Tweakers user Vizzie, Friday 31 July 2015 10:34

Maybe you could add the GPU data as well?

I know the GPU is part of the SOC, but since the GPU makes the biggest difference in performance between snapdragon 808 en 810 if feel it warrants mentioning.

Phones like this without EU 4G are immediately disqualified for me, why would I want a phone this fast only to find I need wifi for fast internet access?

Out of these four I'd pick the Moto. It's fast enough (I don't play games on my phone anyway) and looks to have the best camera. I also have more faith in decent support from Motorola than from the other manufacturers should the need arise.

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By Tweakers user anessie, Friday 31 July 2015 12:13

An opinion about the OPT:

That said, unless someone really needs a phone right now, just hold off 4 months and go for one of these http://www.techtimes.com/...ms-snapdragon-820-soc.htm

By Tweakers user shicomm, Saturday 1 August 2015 12:06

The two is not living up to the hype at all...
After the disaster with cyanogen on the one the alternative is doing worse then roms like exodus...
The hardware is missing out indeed , especially since the price is not bad but it's not great like the one used to be...

It could have been so good... ;(

By Tweakers user smittiehz, Saturday 1 August 2015 20:34

" my smartphone is from 2011 (thats why I need a new one) "


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